Historic Guest House

Historic Guest House

The oldest extant structure in Suffolk County, New York, this house was built in 1690 and altered over the course of its history; an unsympathetic kitchen wing was added in the mid-twentieth century. In restoring the building and connecting it to a nearby carriage house, PPA disassembled the entire structure and removed the lowest thirty inches that had been lost to rot. The house was protected, surveyed and documented and all the original interior elements were preserved for re-use. During the renovation and reconstruction, the house was carefully moved while a new foundation was laid. PPA used lime-based plaster on lath walls and freestanding plumbing so as not to disturb the original fabric of the house. The carriage house was renovated as an attached gymnasium with the original wood frame saved and exposed. Robert Stilin’s warm and inviting decoration enhances the cozy and historic interiors. 

Partner-in-Charge: James Taylor 

Design Director: James Taylor

Associates: Christopher Pizzichemi, Christian Foster, John Gibbons, Philip Davis, Rachel Edrington, Daniel Heath, Matthew Cummings, Arthur Rollin

Landscape Design: Edmund Hollander Landscape Architects

Interior Design: Robert Stilin

Photography: Eric Piasecki

Peter Pennoyer Architects