Greenwich Village Townhouse

Greenwich Village Townhouse

Set in the heart of the Greenwich Village Historic District, this project involved restoring the existing street façade to its historic appearance while building an entirely new 5,500 square foot house behind that was true to the spirit of the original design yet more appropriate for modern-day living. On the façade, the stone details, railings and the high stoop were replicated from careful study. PPA reconstructed the rear elevation and added a spiral stair accessing the garden from the parlor level. A new penthouse on the roof was also added with flanking terraces. In returning the house to single-family use — it had been subdivided into studios — PPA used language inspired by late nineteenth-century architecture. The new plan of the house is centered on a round stair screened on the first floors by freestanding Corinthian columns dividing the front and back parlors. Decorated by Shawn Henderson, the rooms are generally neutral but rich in texture and interest; the penthouse sunroom and bathrooms are sleek and modern in spirit. 

Partner-in-Charge: Thomas P. R. Nugent

Design Director: Gregory Gilmartin

Associate-in-Charge: Joseph Pagac

Associates: Thomas Lamontagne, Cecilia Rodgers, Cleary Shea, Mark Herring

Landscape Design: Madison Cox Associates with The Organic Gardener

Interior Design: Shawn Henderson

Photography: Eric Piasecki

Peter Pennoyer Architects