Beaux-Arts Townhouse

Beaux-Arts Townhouse

PPA restored the street façade of this distinctive Beaux-Arts-style townhouse located in the Upper East Side Historic District, reestablishing the architecture of the attic dormer and balustrade. In the garden, PPA removed a protruding wing and extended the footprint of the house to the thirty-foot garden limit. In the entirely new 7,500 square foot house built behind the preserved street facade, PPA took its design cues from the house’s distinctive primary elevation but refined the architectural language so that it was more in keeping with the modern day than the early 1900s. The oval stair spiraling between the two levels of public space is a grand nod to the Beaux-Arts spirit. 

Partner-in-Charge: Thomas P. R. Nugent

Design Director: Gregory Gilmartin

Associate-in-Charge: Craig Stevens

Associates: Nebojsa Savic, Pui Ng, Anton Glikin, Eero Schultz, Elizabeth Graziolo, Irina Shumitskaya, Jennifer Smith, Stephanie Lo, Andrew Davis, Marc Bailly, Anthony Goldsby

Landscape Design: Peter Pennoyer Architects 

Interior Design: Kirsten Kelli, LLC

Photography: Jonathan Wallen

Peter Pennoyer Architects