A House in the Country
By Peter Pennoyer & Katie Ridder

AFTER DECADES of designing houses and interiors for clients around the world, architect Peter Pennoyer and interior designer Katie Ridder decided they were ready to build their own dream house. They spent years searching for the perfect property and in 2009 came upon a six-and-a-half-acre parcel of land in Millbrook, New York, which had all the features they had been looking for. Located off an old dirt road, with views of a lake and distant hills, it was the ideal spot for their new house and gardens. The site posed significant challenges, however, and they had to demolish the existing ranch house and clear the land of overgrowth, rocks, and farming debris. Over the next few years, Peter and Katie, working with their colleagues, completely transformed the property. The result is a Greek Revival-inspired house with woodland and flower gardens that looks as though it’s always been there, nestled amid the gently rolling hills and farms of the area.

In A House in the Country, Peter and Katie open the door to their house and tell the story of its conception, design, decoration, and landscaping. With photography by Eric Piasecki the book illuminates every step of their process, from the architectural composition to the various themes in the interior decoration. An interior gatefold features the garden plan, complete with a key to Katie’s array of flowers and plantings


Peter Pennoyer Architects