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Peter Pennoyer Architects

PPA Interior Design Department

Drawing inspiration from PPA’s award-winning architecture, the firm’s Interior Design Department offers a full range of decorating services. Led by Alice Engel, the team works in concert with PPA Architecture to tailor finishes and furnishings to the character of each project, from city apartments to country houses and residential developments. With a respect for materials and function over the decorative, the resulting spaces are attractive and comfortable, steeped in history and designed for modern living.

More portfolio images available upon request.

PPA Architecture also collaborates regularly with top designers in the industry, including:

  • Bilhuber & Associates
  • Robert Couturier, Inc.
  • S.R. Gambrel
  • Victoria Hagan
  • Jayne Design Studio
  • KA Design Group
  • Kirsten Kelli
  • David Kleinberg Design Associates
  • Katie Leede & Co.
  • Miles Redd, LLC
  • Katie Ridder, Inc.
  • Tom Scheerer Incorporated
  • Michael S. Smith Inc.
  • Matthew Patrick Smyth
  • Robert Stilin
  • Bunny Williams Inc.